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 Microsoft All-Stars Idea

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Microsoft All-Stars Idea Empty
PostSubject: Microsoft All-Stars Idea   Microsoft All-Stars Idea EmptySun Feb 24, 2013 1:04 am

Nintendo created Super Smash Bros. Sony made Playstation All-Stars. I think it's time Xbox gets their turn. If you have any ideas to add, feel free to make a post suggesting whatever.

If you see a star, there will be a note about it at the end of it's respective section.


-Master Chief (Halo)
-The Arbiter (Halo 2)
-John (Red Dead Redemption)
-Big Daddy (Bioshock)*
-Little Sister (Bioshock)
-Altair (Assassins Creed)
-Connor (Assassins Creed III)
-One of the knights (Castle Crashers)**
-Alien Hominid (Alien Hominid)**
-Claptrap (Borderlands series)
-A character from Borderlands 1 or 2 (Borderlands 1 or 2)***
-Marcus (Gears)
-Cole (Gears)
-Prince [the main character] (Fable 3)
-Dragonborn (Skyrim)***
-Batman (Arkam City)
-General Sheaperd (Mass Effect Series)***
-Gat (Saints Row)***
-Naughty Bear (Naughty Bear)
-Agent 47 (Hitman)
-Ryu (Ninja Gaiden)
-Alex Mercer (Prototype)
-Steve (Minecraft)****
-Dust + Fidget (Dust: an Elysian Tale)**
-Dante (Dante's Inferno)
-Azura (Azura Wrath)
-Gabriel Belmont (Castlevania LoS)
-Boy [main character] (Bastion)
-Duke Nukem (Duke Nukem)

(Not finished. Will be updated soon.)

*While these are on All-Stars, they are multiplatform, thus usage rights cannot entirely be limited to that one game.
**If there is a list of worthy characters to be in this game, arcade characters are a MUST.
***Included for mass appeal and popular demand.
****Minecraft is on Xbox as well as PC, making it multiplatform. If you think Steve is unworthy of being a character for purposes of stability, go look at Mr Game n Watch from SSB series. If you think his moves wouldn't work, then imagine the sword being his attack, special being bow, potions of harming, and digging a pitfall trap, and his super move being placing a creeper mob spawn.


coming soon


coming soon


coming soon

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Microsoft All-Stars Idea
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