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 Forgemaster's Halo Profile

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PostSubject: Forgemaster's Halo Profile   Forgemaster's Halo Profile EmptyFri Sep 07, 2012 9:21 pm

As of 9/7/2012
Halos owned: 3, ODST, Reach
All Xbox Games Owned: Battlefield BC 2; Call of Duty 2, 3, 4, and WaW; Castlevania HD; Civ Rev; Fable 3; Galaga; Gotham City Imposters; Guitar Hero 3 Legends of Rock, Warriors of Rock; Halo 3, ODST, Reach; Happy Wars; Madden 09; Minecraft; Naruto Ultimate Ninja Storm 2; Rockband 1, 2, Metal Track Pack; Soul Calibur 4; Tony Hawk's Proving Ground;

Favorite gametypes: Swat, Invasion, Grifball, Firefight Arcadefight
Least Favorite: Slayer, Big Team, MLG
Favorite Built-In Maps: Swordbase, Countdown, Zealot
Least Favorite: Powerhouse, Reflection

Things I HATE on Halo: People who camp, People who steal assassinations, People who run backward and shoot when you smack them, People who teabag/jump on swat so they don't get hit, People who teabag when they didn't even get the kill, People who teabag when they do any of the previously listed things.

Gamertag: Chaos GoD X
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Forgemaster's Halo Profile
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